Friday, April 20, 2012

Minnesota tornado facts

In conclusion of Severe Weather Awareness Week across Minnesota, here are some facts when it comes to tornadoes in the state:

  • Minnesota’s first recorded tornado in history occurred on April 18, 1820 at a camp that eventually became Fort Snelling.
  • There has not been an EF-5 tornado in Minnesota since the Enhanced Fujita scale started February 1, 2007.  The last F-5 tornado in the state was on June 16, 1992, affecting the City of Chandler.
  • Minnesota led the nation in tornadoes with 113 in 2010. 48 of those occurred June 17 as part of largest known outbreak in state history.
  • 31 tornadoes were reported in Minnesota during 2011. Three of those were rated EF-2, the strongest of the year.
  • Since the Enhanced Fujita scale became operational, there have been 229 tornadoes in the state through 2011.   The percentages are as follows: 59% EF-0, 29% EF-1, 7% EF-2, 3% EF-3, 2% EF-4.


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