Thursday, April 19, 2012

How do you primarily receive weather alerts?

I posed this question on my weather-related Twitter and Facebook accounts to get an idea of how others receive weather alert information.  Here are Twitter responses:

@ckostik: Phone Text message

@RickyMorgan71: Your tweets.

@OSNW3: Nothing automated, I usually know of the situation ahead of time and keep tabs by using the Internet.

@JakeWhiting: I use WeatherBug, Simple Weather Alerts (for Android), and Twitter. One is bound to be on time!

@SwishaJames: NWS website from my phone

@tcollen: ESP :)

@DysonGuy: if on computer weatherbug or interwarn. iPhone / iPad I get text alerts and use WeatherRadio app. Weather radio also

@lars21: Weather Channel app on my phone or NWS site if at home

@GingerFritzie: NOAA Weather Radio for the iPhone.

@MayorTabke: MyWeather on the iPhone

There was one constant I saw: No one said the outdoor sirens!  People are using alternative sources for real-time information.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this unscientific poll.

Weren’t able to chime in with a response?  Feel free to share your methods for receiving alerts in the comment section below.


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