Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July forecast

It will be a pleasant, storm-free day across much of Minnesota for America’s birthday with highs close to 90.  The high temperature for MSP will be around 88-degrees with a dew point peaking at a sticky 67-degrees, creating a heat index of 91-degrees.

Mother Nature will provide her own fireworks for the northwestern part of Minnesota, where the focus will be for thunderstorms, some of which may be severe.  The dynamics for severe thunderstorms are a bit marginal today, but I still expect a few isolated storms to become severe before the midnight hour around the Wadena and Alexandria areas.  Something to keep an eye on for folks going out tonight to watch fireworks.  Maybe a few rumbles of thunder are possible west of the Twin Cities metro, but I’m not expecting any severe.


Happy 4th of July!




  1. Your forecast was right on, I saw some great storms up near Crookston!

  2. Thanks Michael! Sounds like you had a good time with the "fireworks" over northwest Minnesota.

    Thanks for the offer on the photos, I might have to take you up on it. I really enjoy the photos you take that you've shared on F5chaser, and your blog. They're awesome!

  3. Thanks Ryan! I see you are "following" my blog, how do I do that with others blogs? I looked on yours and couldn't figure it out.

  4. Mike, after signing into Blogger, you can follow blogs on Blogger using the "Follow" link in the banner at the very top of a Blogger-hosted blog page. Otherwise, you can do it manually by adding the link to "Blog's I'm Following" from the Blogger Dashboard.