Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October weather summary and November outlook

October continued the warm and dry trend that has been ongoing since August.  The average temperature in the Twin Cities during the month was 55.4 degrees, and was 6.5 degrees above normal.  It tied for the seventh warmest October on record.  While the month finished with near normal temperatures, the first half of the month was well above normal.

Other locations in Minnesota, such as St. Cloud, was 5.3 degrees above normal for the month with an average temperature of 51 degrees.  At Rochester, the average was 53 degrees, and 4.6 degrees above normal.  Duluth saw 48.5 degrees for an average temperature, and 5.3 degrees above normal.  Here is a look at temperature trends compared to average from around the state:

As far as precipitation, the Twin Cities saw just seven tenths of an inch of rain, which is 1.73 inches below normal.  On an annual basis, total precipitation is at 25.62 inches, and 2.12 inches below normal.

St. Cloud saw a bit more rain during the month with 1.42 inches of rain, which is 1.07 inches below normal.  Rochester received .29 inches of precipitation, which was 1.95 inches below normal.  It was the 5th driest October on record there.  In Duluth, the city picked up 1.13 inches of precipitation, and was 1.72 inches below normal.  Here is a look across Minnesota showing the percentage of normal amount of precipitation picked up.  One would have to travel towards the international border just to find near normal monthly rainfall.

This lack of moisture has contributed to the drought that began towards the end of August.  Since July 26th, most of the state has seen a deficit in liquid.

Southern Minnesota and areas across the Arrowhead of Minnesota are now classified as in a “severe” drought.


The outlook for November appears to be a broken record.  The Climate Prediction Center is indicating chances of above normal temperatures during the month through much of the middle section of the country.


Precipitation chances are bit more uncertain as there is equal probabilities of average, above, or below normal situations.


It will be interesting to see how the month plays out, but early indications are it will be quite dry through at least the middle of the month. The long range models are not printing out any big storms for the Twin Cities, and temperatures do look to be mild during this time.  The average temperature for November is 42 degrees and average precipitation is six hundredths of an inch.


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