Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend outlook – Here comes the rain

Our “Omega High” blocking pattern that kept the state dry and brought us very pleasant temperatures for much of the week is in the process of breaking down.  A low pressure area will move into a position near the South Dakota/Nebraska border and stream moisture in from the Gulf of Mexico.  You will feel the humidity this weekend as dewpoints make their return above the comfortable level and into the 60-degree range.  This tropical moisture will bring with it rain for a good portion of the weekend with some heavier rain amounts, especially across the southwest and western part of the state.

The map below illustrates the amount of rainfall in inches possible Thursday night through Sunday night.  We are looking at around 1.25 to 1.50-inches of rain out of this system, with amounts close to 2 inches in southwest Minnesota in closer proximity to the low pressure center.


I have been monitoring the dynamics for severe weather with this system for the last couple days and the parameters appear weak for any organized severe weather threat.  The worst of the weather will stay south of the Minnesota border into Iowa.

Rain will begin to fall Friday night and last into Saturday night, where we will get a break until Sunday afternoon.  We had a good stretch of nice weather, and while it’s disappointing to see the rain, especially on a weekend, we couldn’t expect our fortunes to last forever.  Mother Nature always finds a way to balance things out.  This is why I’m not on the global warning bandwagon yet, but that’s another topic for another time.  Have indoor plans ready to go for the weekend.  The track at Canterbury Park will be a sloppy one, and will play a role in which horses are favored.

Enjoy what you can of the weekend!


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