Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heat wave!

The bitter cold stretch that has plagued most of Minnesota for the last couple months is about to come to a brief end as warmer air is being driven up from the south.

The forecast map below, courtesy of Twister Data, shows temperatures approaching the freezing point Saturday around the noon hour.


This is a welcome relief for many people that have felt down about this winter.  Personally, this has to be the worst winter in terms of brutality to the human spirit since the 1995-96 winter season, where we had a stretch of six consecutive nights of -20°F or colder.  As for myself, I’m going through a pretty bad case of seasonal affective disorder.  It’s been difficult to find the energy and motivation to live a normal lifestyle.  Winter activities just haven’t been real pleasant to participate in this year without feeling like you’re being pushed indoors.  This winter just sucks, I don’t know what else I can say about it.  Fortunately it appears the worst of the winter is over with and it’s just a matter of getting through March, the snowiest month of them all.  Usually, I can make it to March before I’m ready for spring, but this year my tolerance level has been cut much shorter.  When spring rolls around, I will not be taking it for granted!


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