Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shakopee spring flooding potential

Shakopee Valley Newspaper blog originally posted 1/27/11

The National Weather Service recently released it's outlook on the potential for spring flooding across the Upper Midwest.  As expected with the snow pack, flooding will be a concern.  For the Minnesota River at Shakopee, the numbers look like this:

There is a greater than 98 percent chance, an almost certainty, of waters reaching 711.4 feet, which would result in water reaching the lowest part of Highway 101.

An 89 percent chance exists for water to reach a flood stage of 714 feet, which would put such a crest in the top ten all-time.

Coming in next is an 81 percent chance of a crest reaching an additional foot at 715 feet. This would put it close to the 715.1 crest from March 2010.

Lastly, there is a 78 percent chance of waters reaching a stage of 716 feet, which would put it at number eight all-time.

To put in perspective, flood stage is 708 feet, moderate flooding is 713 feet, and major flood stage is 720 feet. As you can see, there is a strong chance Shakopee will see moderate flooding conditions, which will impact commuters using the 101 crossing, as it will likely be closed if the forecast holds true.  Stay tuned!


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