Thursday, January 13, 2011

Same old, same old

Not much change to the weather story over the next week. More of the white powder and cold air moving into the area. Thursday’s snow amounts generally ranged between one and two inches.

The forecast into the weekend: Snow will be off and on Friday into the day on Saturday where the metro could pick up an additional two inches of snow. By Sunday, I’m expecting that we will have 50 inches of snow on the ground since October. That is more than halfway towards the record of 98.6 inches of snow that feel in 1983-84. The models are a little overdone for Monday, and I’m not expecting a significant storm early next week.


The big chill is still expected to occur that I mentioned previously. However, the forecast models have pushed the extreme cold to Wednesday of next week. Lows as cold as –25 to -30°F are being advertised.


For those of you fatigued by our winter, which I am certainly becoming, I will leave you this image. Enjoy!



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