Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Could it be...a February warmup?

Original blog entry from 1/18/2011 on the Shakopee News website:

I'm going to try to focus on something more positive with this blog entry. Since I started sharing weather wisdom here at the start of the year as a way to give back to the community, it's been all about snow and cold. This winter has been depressing, and talking with friends and reading some of the comments here, we share a similar feeling. When it gets so cold that it makes it difficult to enjoy winter hobbies, it wears on you. Combined with lack of sunlight, it's hard to maintain a regular energy level and keep up with life's demands.

Onto the good news - there are hints of a warmup on the horizon around the beginning of Febraury. We may even see a few days of temperatures above 20 degrees! A forecast this far out is always susceptible to change and will likely fluctuate a bit, but it's a trend most of us will appreciate as we head towards spring!


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