Saturday, June 30, 2012

First heat wave of the year

The first stretch of heat of 2012 will be upon us over the next several days as the jet stream lifts into Canada, allowing very mild air to travel northward across the area.


Our weather will be dominated by a ridge with Minnesota being on the northern periphery of a dome of high pressure sitting out in the Four Corners region.


The NAM model is hinting at our first chance of 100 degrees on Monday.  Lately, the NAM has been overdoing the high temperatures a bit, as it has some trouble with handling dew point temperatures.  It will depend on dew points.  If the air can remain relatively dry and dew points stay in the low 60s, then I think we have a legitimate shot of hitting 100 degrees Monday in the Twin Cities.


The record for July 2nd is 96 degrees, set in 1911.  Will a new record be set Monday?  Stay tuned!


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