Friday, May 11, 2012

Drought be gone

Since the middle of April, we have seen our fair share of rain across the Twin Cities and much of Minnesota.  Lately, Saturday seems to be the popular day for resorting to indoor plans.  Just over three inches of rain fell in April in the Twin Cities, which was .38 inch above normal.


The southeastern two-thirds of Minnesota saw precipitation close to normal, while northwestern parts of the state received one and a half to two times as much water for a typical April.


We have seen more rain in May already than all of April.  So far, the Twin Cities has picked up 4.29 inches of rain, pushing monthly totals well above normal by 3.3 inches


The southern half of the Twin Cities has really seen the precipitation since April 1.  Some locales in Scott and Dakota Counties have seen over four inches of rain this month.  Southeastern Scott County near Elko, and the Pipestone area in southwest Minnesota have seen over five inches of rain.


Mother Nature always has a tendency to balance things out over time.  It is this equilibrium that allows for human life on this planet.  At the start of April, much of southern Minnesota was in a severe drought.  With the recent rains, the severe drought conditions have been virtually eliminated.


The short-range outlook from the Climate Prediction Center indicates more wet weather across the Upper Midwest to about Memorial Day.


How long will the rainy pattern last?  Right now it’s hard to say.  Perhaps we will dry out sometime this summer.  As I mentioned earlier, it is all a balancing act when it comes to the weather!


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