Sunday, April 10, 2011

Storms ending; quiet week ahead after an active weekend

Severe storms will continue to push through Wisconsin tonight as a cold front progresses towards the east putting an end to all the rough weather this weekend, including a devastating tornado outbreak in Iowa on Saturday.  Behind the front is much cooler and stable air.  Just to describe the contrast, at 2 PM, the temperature at MSP was 75 degrees, which was also the high temperature for the day.  Three hours later, the temperature dropped 17 degrees, to 58.  We should get back into the 60s by Tuesday with temperatures above 50 degrees most of the week.


The week will finish on a wet note as a storm system comes into the area, bringing with it abundant moisture with close to two inches of perceptible liquid as indicated by the GFS model.  Yes, we could also be dealing with snow by Thursday into Saturday as temperatures are cooler in the upper levels of the atmosphere.  Just when you thought the snow is done with, it’s a reminder it’s still April, and this is not unusual for this time of the year.


Have a good week!


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