Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is back!

It appears that our 103-degree temperature reading back in early June was not the only glimpse of summer we will see in June.  Temperatures on Thursday should soar into the 90s across Minnesota as the jet lifts into Canada with an upper-level ridge over the Rocky Mountains.  Much of South Dakota will likely hit the century mark for high temperatures, but the question is how far east will the heat spread with the ridge.

The NAM forecast model is more liberal with the heat and pushes upper 90s into southwest Minnesota:


The GFS forecast model is a bit more reserved with clouds and precipitation in the area, and keeps the hottest air over South Dakota in the five-state region:


Based on these two interpretations, I think 100-degree temperatures are out of the question locally.  Most of Minnesota will be in the 90s I believe.  Areas near the Minnesota/South Dakota border will see temperatures in the upper 90s, while from the Twin Cities and points south will be in the low to middle 90s.  In any case, it will feel more like summertime, which has been missing since summer officially began on June 21st.


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