Saturday, March 30, 2013

Play Ball!

The Minnesota Twins take the field to open the 2013 MLB season on Monday, April 1st, against reigning American League Champion Detroit Tigers.  This season will mark the earliest outdoor home opener for the team since their arrival to Minnesota in 1961.

After this season, Major League Baseball may have to reconsider scheduling teams in the northern states to open the season at home.  It is going to be downright chilly!  No other way to put it.   While the game is scheduled for April Fool’s, this is no joke.  I consulted with the trusted European model from the overnight run, and it keep temperatures in the 30s around 4 PM Monday.


Some of the mid-morning North American model runs are suggesting that temps will not even make it into the 30s.  However, the models have a tendency to not perform well during seasonal transition periods, so it is possible this data is inaccurate (garbage in = garbage out).  I think low 30s for highs seems likely at this point, about 32 degrees.  Since the Twins have been playing outdoors, the coldest high temperature for opening day was 34 degrees on April 14, 1962.  In fact, that is the only other time the temperature was in the 30s for an outdoor home opener.  If you are attending the game Monday, the moral of the story is keep your winter attire out for at least one more day.  One of these days, you will be able to store it in the closet until next winter.


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