Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is Spring around the corner?

Winter has extended it’s stay into April with 6.6 inches of snow having fallen already this month officially in the Twin Cities, with much more across western and northern Minnesota.  Another 2.7 inches needs to fall in the Twin Cities to crack the top 10 snowiest month of April. If there is any silver lining, April snow typically does not stick around long as the sun angle and radiation for this time of the year is able to erode at the snow pack.  Where recent snows have been the heaviest, a foot or more still exists north of the Highway 23 corridor.


Another episode of never-ending wintery weather is on tap as a low pressure system will move out from the Rockies and into Minnesota today into early Monday. 


North of the low is where heavy snow will occur. Across the Red River Valley is where 6 to 10 inches of snow is possible.  This is an area that does not additional precipitation as major flooding is forecasted for the area.

South of the low is where rain will be found as somewhat warmer air is trying to make it’s way into the southern portions of the state.  The models have been consistent at indicating a chance for freezing rain as temperatures hovering around the freezing point.  The Weather Prediction Center shows high probabilities of this occurring across central and south central Minnesota.  This could make morning roads a bit slick for travel, before we see a change-over to rain for the afternoon.


Radar showing the rain marching northward across southern Minnesota.  Rain being reported across south central Minnesota with some mixed precipitation in the Rochester area.  Snow is falling across the southern Twin Cities metro.


Turning the page?  Recent model trends have indicated a chance of 60 degree weather across southern Minnesota to close out the month.


We just need a little patience as these temps are still a couple weeks out. We will have to see if this holds up. Models this far out have a tendency to fluctuate a bit. At some point we have to warm up!


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