Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Record July in the books, and a special note to all

As we finish July 2012, it will go down as one of the warmest months on record.  It is the second warmest July on record in the Twin Cities with an average temperature of 80.2 degrees.


Another distinction during the month was that the high temperature in the Twin Cities never dipped below 80 degrees.  This is the first time in recorded history it has occurred.


The jet stream has been located across southern Canada, which has allowed very warm air to be pumped in from the south and west for most of the summer.  The placement of the jet stream has brought severe weather, including tornadoes, to Canada, while Minnesota has been tornado-free in July.  It has also been quiet across the United States with only 23 tornadoes reported, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma.

It appears, if the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for August is correct, that above normal temperatures will continue to be seen across the region.


Will August be just as wacky as July?  Only time will tell.  The severe weather season should begin to wind down as we head into fall.  As a result of the lower probabilities of severe weather expected in August, I have decided to suspend my mobile internet access for the storm chasing laptop.  With this decision, live streaming chase video will not be available for the remainder of the thunderstorm season.  It was a difficult decision, but with a quiet weather pattern, Internet access that goes unused becomes expensive.  This weather hobby is all on my dime, and I do not receive any income from related activities.  I am going to do some reflection during the fall and winter months on a return to storm chasing in 2013.  With changes in my personal life, it becomes tougher to fit chasing into the schedule.  Spending time with those I care about takes a higher priority.  Whatever happens, I have enjoyed the five years going after storms and watching the skies.  It has been a fun ride!


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