Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday weather

Super Bowl XLV from Arlington, Texas is upon us.  The wait is finally over.  In just a few short hours, the opening kickoff between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will happen.  Many are expecting a tightly contested game.  As of the morning of the game, odds makers have the Packers three point favorites.

Much of the United States was rocked with a powerful winter storm that saw locations pick up as much as 20+ inches of snow this week.  The talk around Dallas was more about the cold and snow and less about the game itself.  From the most recent storm, Dallas picked up about five inches of snow.  Six people were injured when snow and ice fell from the roof of Cowboys Stadium onto bystanders below.

How will the weather look for the big game?

Temperatures max out around 45 to 50 degrees in the Dallas area Sunday with a slight chance of rain moving in from the north.  There is a chance of some snow mixing in with the rain, but the majority of the precipitation should fall as rain with snow staying to north of DFW.



By the end of the game, and while we are preparing ourselves for an episode of Glee, the mercury dips down to about 40 degrees.


This will be one of the colder outdoor environments that a Super Bowl has been played in.  The last time it got this cold was Super Bowl XIX in 1985, which saw a game-time temperature of 53 degrees in Palo Alto, California at Stanford Stadium. The coldest temperature for the big game was Super Bowl VI in 1972 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana where it was a chilly 39 degrees to start the game.  I don’t believe this will be the coldest Super Bowl climate, but it will certainly be in the top three.  Fans not used to this kind of weather will have the parkas on for sure!


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